Find collaborators and assemble your team to work on your next big idea. Open source, commercial, small library, next app hit or a game.

Who is it for

Creative thinkers

...who have an awesome idea for next side project but don't have all the necessary skills or time to complete it on their own?


Hard workers

...who have the skills and time and would like to work on great new side projects but don’t have inspiration for a great idea?

How it works

Have an idea?

  1. Create a new project
  2. Define skills you need from potential collaborators
  3. People see the project and apply in the app
  4. You receive an email with the message and contact info
  5. Make a decision and reply

Looking for projects?

  1. Look for projects
  2. Find projects based on skills needed
  3. Apply for a project and describe why you would like to work on it and how you can contribute to it
  4. Get contacted by the owner
  5. Start collaborating